Maritime solutions

Flex Mail Logistics operates one of the most extensive maritime networks in the world coupled with a highly efficient vessel fleet and inland solutions. It allows us to offer worldwide integrated cargo transport solutions from and to anywhere in the world, would that be coastal or inland locations.

  • Ship anywhere

    boatWe historically handle any kind of deep-sea trades routes but are also highly efficient on short sea cargo through a dedicated fleet and leveraging our subsidiaries.

  • Ship anything

    containerThanks to our long expertise and wide range of containers at our disposal, we can ship any type of cargo from liquids and food to yacht or heavy plant machinery.

  • Ship efficiently

    date-timerOur agency network all across the globe is well known for its high coverage and its comprehensive customer service, allowing you to ship in the best conditions of safety and timing possible.

  • Ship clean

    leafOur vessel fleet is constantly being improved with innovations for us to be every day more sustainable and eco-friendly and allowing you to reduce your business carbon footprint. We are the first to equip our future giant ships with LNG-powered engines.

Olivier Nivoix

By improving our services and offering our range of new added-value solutions, we continue to go beyond regular business relations with our customers by offering them an experience that meets their needs and expectations in order to build with them the shipping of tomorrow.

Olivier Nivoix