Inland Solutions: Intermodal Services and Transports

Moving your shipment from origin to destination often requires using multiple modes of transportation. That’s why we offer you Flex Mail Logistics Intermodal, a comprehensive door-to-door and eco-friendly inland solution combining train, barge, and truck for seamless continental connections.

A worldwide expertise

Flex Mail Logistics Intermodal provides you with global coverage thanks to worldwide land-based infrastructures (trains, barges, and trucks) for dedicated and regional connections.

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Sustainable door-to-door solutions

Optimize your supply chain performance while focusing on your core business functions thanks to our end-to-end intermodal services.

Eco-friendly solutions to reduce your carbon footprint

  • Dedicated block trains and barges to reduce unitary carbon footprint.
  • Routes optimization.
  • Prioritization of eco-friendly transport modes.

A dedicated team of experts to ensure your peace of mind

  • One single point of contact.
  • Intermodal expert teams around the world.
  • Tailor-made solutions in response to your specific requirements.

Worldwide group support for operational excellence

  • Equipment availability on all continents.
  • Ramp / Inland depot offer.
  • Highly efficient inland transport providers.
  • Cargo loading priority.

Real-time visibility for optimized control over your supply chain

  • Near real-time tracking availability (optional).
  • Smart satellite padlock (optional).

Additional services to save time and money

  • A Through Bill of Lading service: a single document for your transport at sea and on land.
  • No pickup or drop-off fees.
  • Storage, demurrage, and detention advantageous conditions.
  • Customs clearance (available upon request).
  • Booking and follow up via Flex Mail Logistics e-solutions.
  • Protect your cargo with Cargo Value Serenity.

Flex Mail Logistics can also provide you with the service of its logistics subsidiary CEVA.


Flex Mail Logistics: a leading worldwide shipping group

Our customer-oriented approach of cargo transportation and the high standard of our fleet made us grow 150% over the last 10 years.
Our offers are regularly ranked among the best in the market and always present our company as a stable carrier company, making us a trustful partner for your cargo matters in the long run.